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    Services in exchange for services


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    Services in exchange for services

    Post by djcutty13 on Thu 1 Sep - 2:47

    Dear clan members,

    Over the last few weeks, the clan leaders have noticed a lack of commitment by some of our members. This has been particularly noticable in regard to the clan's citadel. The citadel has a really big potential to help our clan achieve their goals, both skilling and combat. With this is mind, we want to encourage people to enter our citadel and contribute to it. The leaders have agreed upon several rewards/'punishments' to achieve this.

    1) Anyone who contributes a significant amount to the citadel 2 weeks consecutively will get rank. Anyone who doesn't will lose rank upto the point where they are a recruit.

    2) On the spot flipping/rs advice will not be given to those who are not contributing to the citadel. Others, who are contributing, will be able to ask for any advice or help we can possibly give.

    3) Use of guilded altars are available from various senior ranks including myself.

    4) Finally, the senior ranks would like to offer a loan service to any members who contribut to the citadel. The following ranks have made these loanable items available:

    DJcutty13 -
    Bandos Tass
    Armadyl Chest
    Armadyl Skirt

    Bandos Tass


    Nubs Ftw -
    Bandos Tass

    This list will be kept updated as much as possible.

    Lots of love DJ afro

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    Re: Services in exchange for services

    Post by Will on Thu 1 Sep - 4:58

    very dedicated members also get sexy time with me Wink
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    Re: Services in exchange for services

    Post by black on Thu 1 Sep - 21:57

    Will wrote:very dedicated members also get sexy time with me Wink
    i like sexy time with Will Very Happy
    im also giving investment tips like the ags raise that happened.

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    Re: Services in exchange for services

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