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    does will play anymore?


    i had a beer

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    does will play anymore?

    Post by i had a beer on Fri 7 Oct - 13:26

    so yea does Will get on the forums and even play rs anymore?
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    Re: does will play anymore?

    Post by black on Sat 8 Oct - 22:28

    i had a beer wrote:so yea does Will get on the forums and even play rs anymore?
    Yes he does. But understand he is really bussy with his other projects. Also if you need him for anything you can also contact me or Djcutty13. And we wil try to contact him for you.

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    Re: does will play anymore?

    Post by Pablomittens on Thu 13 Oct - 0:06

    Yep. Check his new youtube video
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    Re: does will play anymore?

    Post by Will on Wed 26 Oct - 8:49

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    Re: does will play anymore?

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