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    Help logging in on Mac book pro.



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    Help logging in on Mac book pro.

    Post by gordy on Sun 20 Nov - 4:36

    I'm having trouble logging into rs on this computer. Its a Mac book pro that my school gives to everyone. Any ideas how I can log in to merch?


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    Re: Help logging in on Mac book pro.

    Post by The_Pure12 on Sun 20 Nov - 5:39

    Is Runescape blocked? Why can't you login? Give some details.

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    Re: Help logging in on Mac book pro.

    Post by xSaito on Sun 20 Nov - 11:11

    Either use a proxy or get java if you don't already have it..
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    Re: Help logging in on Mac book pro.

    Post by black on Sun 20 Nov - 19:11

    It will probarlly be something with your java version.

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    Re: Help logging in on Mac book pro.

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