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    Need Staff for new site [Paid work]


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    Need Staff for new site [Paid work]

    Post by Will on Wed 7 Dec - 1:02

    I am looking for a team of staff for a new site i am creating.

    The site will be a movie / music download and watching site, very easy to market on social media sites.

    If your interested drop a post below or drop me a pm
    Staff Members must be 17+ years old
    Have a Paypal accounts
    Have a large network of friends on a social networking site

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    Re: Need Staff for new site [Paid work]

    Post by black on Wed 7 Dec - 2:57

    I'm 17 years old. Paypal don't have it last one is limited but now i can have new one and just received my new bank card. Creating severl fb accounts to make pages to advertise my own stuff. Also if its not rs related i can share on my own fb pages as many of my friens are anti rs.

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    Re: Need Staff for new site [Paid work]

    Post by devon6125 on Wed 7 Dec - 5:00

    I am currently 16 years old, My birthday is in February, (I can provide I.D) I've been receiving emails from you guys for a while, and I wouldn't mind making some extra money here and there, also because it's close to Christmas. I have a job in real life, I can tell you when my schedule is each week if that helps, but yes, I'd be interested, and I have quite alot of friends on facebook + irl I can advertise this to.

    I have Paypal, With my bank account linked to it, so I'm all good there

    It's just the age factor, I'm 16, but, 17 in February, so I hope that's not too big of an issue, if it is, It's fine Smile

    lemme know Smile, email is in my profile stoof, but I'm a stubborn bastard. so here it is,


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    Re: Need Staff for new site [Paid work]

    Post by prowlers34 on Wed 7 Dec - 11:40

    I'm 19. have a paypal. and have a FB acc with just over 600 friends (this is my legit one so I'll be making a new one to advertise if I get the position) Smile

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    Re: Need Staff for new site [Paid work]

    Post by Will on Thu 8 Dec - 5:46

    hey guys i will be contacting all successful applicants on Sunday 11th December when i get back from london!

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    Re: Need Staff for new site [Paid work]

    Post by Dragan on Thu 8 Dec - 6:15

    Im currently 9 but ill be 17 in 8 years!
    I hope thats ok with you!


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    Re: Need Staff for new site [Paid work]

    Post by Lator on Sun 11 Dec - 20:03

    Well.. I'm 18 years old. Have a paypal. Would probably avoid using my personal facebook but have experience in spreading, and creating fake things to ya'know.. Help out advertising. Just started doing graphics and consider myself semi good at them and can only progress (Advertising purposes). Have experience in running communites and administrating them. Also have decent experience in web developement and have required programs to do so.

    Work during the day but other then that i don't do alot after so would have alot of free time to fill as it's winter and cold outside!


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    Re: Need Staff for new site [Paid work]

    Post by Sponsored content

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