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    Great item to flip!



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    Great item to flip!

    Post by BrazzW on Sun 29 Jan - 14:02

    I've recently come across a GREAT item to flip! You wouldn't ever guess it.... WATER TALISMANS! Yes! Water Talismans! Currently, I am buying them at 8450 GP, and selling them at 8700-8900 GP. If you buy at 8450, and sell at 8700, that's 250 GP for each one that you buy/sell. If you hit the maximum (500), that's a profit of 125k. They buy/sell VERY fast. I just did a load of 500 bought/sold in literally 10 minutes. So if you do the math, 60/10=6*125k=750k/hr. Plus if you have more money, you can manipulate the Grand Exchange 4 hour buy limit, and make it WAY higher! Good luck on your flipping! ~Brazz ( Yes, this is my real name (; )

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