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    Milestone cape/ dungeeonering help!


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    Milestone cape/ dungeeonering help!

    Post by Dreamusento on Tue 14 Feb - 22:23

    Hello, long time i checked the forum out.

    But instead of only go for the cashpile i allwayd want, i'll be working on milestone cape.
    At the moment i only got 5levels in total to 70milestone cape.

    That is 1level in rc (doing wicked hood/jack of trades allmost everytime i get online)
    And 4 levels in dungeeonering, and i want some help with thid, soloing med floors is not the best exp.

    So if anyone wanna help me out, and i help you with dunging.
    send me a pm in-game at: fire beman, or post your RSN-name here! Smile

    After my 70 i belive i'll be getting 99fish and then use the money from rocktails to herb/prayer..! Smile

    I need to get back to work now!
    //fire beman

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