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    I want serious dollar.


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    I want serious dollar.

    Post by Chilly_Ox on Sun 6 Nov - 9:46

    Hey guys! I have a big favour to ask you guys, I know I haven't been active but I'd really like to be Smile

    Basically, I'm going to start creating a Berserker Pure Guide sometime soon and one of the parts is obviously money making. Naturally, flipping is the best idea but I have no real idea how to make serious dollar apart from flipping one item continuously until I can't anymore.

    I have a 15m cash pile, if anyone could shed some light on what I can flip continuous to produce profit and perhaps reach a 30/35m cash pile, it'd be appreciated.

    Thank you all Smile
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    Re: I want serious dollar.

    Post by black on Sun 6 Nov - 21:43

    add me ingame as dungskilling (my pure) and nielsy7 (my main) and i will learn you something about flipping. btw if you are inactive on rs best choose is to do overnight flips made 900k overnight with 20M.

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    Re: I want serious dollar.

    Post by Will on Sun 13 Nov - 9:51

    hey man i hope your ready for getting lashed at the game in cardiff soon!

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    Re: I want serious dollar.

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