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    Post by gordy on Sun 27 Nov - 6:06

    I'm thinking about putting my money in a long term investment with dark bows. They dropped 20k today, There price is about 180-190k each. I think I can make bank on this item in a month or two. Any suggestions?
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    Re: Investment

    Post by Will on Sun 27 Nov - 22:52

    1.8m / 4 hours 9.8m / day like 68m / week, hmm if they rose to 250 it would be worth it as it would be like 30 -40% but its up to you, i would only do it if you dont play much Smile


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    Re: Investment

    Post by hybride on Mon 28 Nov - 2:51

    i would wait untill the slayer update, because that might cause to dbows dropping even more.. since everyone will be slaying again.

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    Re: Investment

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