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    New forums design? + Server

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    New forums design? + Server

    Post by Awesome155 on Fri 20 Jan - 14:39

    Hey guys, some of you may know me, probably not, but I have a suggestion. I came back from being gone away (irl stuff) for around two weeks, and am now back. I was searching through the forums, and noticed how terribly hard it is to notice the difference between two posters, and I would like to make a suggestion on a new background, or a template for the site. I am suggesting using SMF, (it is free, and looks nice) you can see a sample site of it here (my own website) and IMO it has a much neater look to it.

    Also onto the P Server:
    I can host the Private server on my Desktop (which I never use because I am always on my laptop), and I will do some of the coding on it. I can also make its own site (possibly or something like that) free! Just tell me what you guys want (if you want that server up).
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    Re: New forums design? + Server

    Post by Will on Fri 20 Jan - 22:35

    i agree its much easier to get good looking templates with smf, however it is not worth changing it would mean starting a new site completely from scratch, for the private server it would be great if you could host it until we can get a vps Smile

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