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    Blacks Ultimate Way to make money with the GE.

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    Blacks Ultimate Way to make money with the GE.

    Post by black on Fri 16 Sep - 6:37

    Note im currently working on this and i wil send it now and then so you guys can start reading but keep in mind this isnt completed yet. Also if i make a typo just say it and once its said dont repait it i wil try to clear it out as fast i can.

    Table of content.
    1:Wich methods of flipping i use
    2:Some basic explanation of how to flip using the GE
    3:Methods i combine while flipping (upto 1-3mil extra an hour.
    4:Some more advanced techniques.

    1) Flipping methods i use.

    So most of the time when im flipping i wil be using something called "Instant mass flipping" our Admin has some good video's about it i suggest watching those because it would be stupid of me explaining it when there is alrdy a good video about it.

    I use 4 items to mass flip wich are Whips, P ess, Nature runes, Death runes
    And i also use 2 other slow items wich have a big profit margin but are very slow wich makes it easy to combine a good moneymaking method with it also what im doing does ask some wealth so not everyone it able to fully use this methods.

    2) Basic flipping tips.

    How to find an item:

    so firstly its very easy to find some items to flip. The method i normally use is first i try to think of a common traded item wich you almost never see in youtube videos or other guides how to flip like grenwall spikes. these are used to make pots and are collected by bots. But if you have problems with this because you cant find any inspiration you can do this.

    1) Log in to rs
    2) go to the skill tab.
    3) click on the skill guide of lets say summoning. <-- this is where you see wich lvls you need to do certain things.
    4)just look around and look for commonly traded items.
    5) choose an items
    6) look the item up on ge. ( raising items normally have better profit margins. but watch out with these items dont keep them to long because they may do down wich wil result in lose)
    7) check the profit margin.

    Always remember an item with like 20% margin is alot slower then an item with 10% margin most of the time the 10% item wil make more in the long time but it needs more concentration.

    3) Methods i combine while flipping. this is c/p from sm wil make my own guide when i have time.


    1) ~20K Dungeoneering tokens (Requires ~58 Dungeoneering of no tokens were spent earlier)
    2) Patience

    ~What are the 20K tokens for ?~

    The tokens are used to buy the "Scroll of cleansing" from the Dungeoneering shop.

    For example: Withdraw 14 vials of water and 14 clean ranarrs, mix them together to "Ranarr potion (unf)", mostly the Scroll will save out 2 ranarrs each bag, wich will give you a profit of 2*4K = 8K/bag when you are doing Ranarr weeds.
    (Mostly you make per 1000 potions, 100 potions extra)


    You will be about to make 3000 pots/h if you are playing constantly at quite high speed, wich will give you a profit from:
    BUY: 3000*4K = 12M
    SELL: 3300*4K = 13.2M
    This is not the best profit as described in the title, those profits will only work with higher herblore (Lantadyme, Dwarf Weed, Snapdragon are +8k ea and give more profit/bag) and when the prices are right and herbs buy and potions sell very well.

    This is my profit made in 1 hour, I bought the ranarrs at 4.135 gp each and sold pots for 4.000 each.
    (I wanted some instant cash, I could've received about 14m if I sold them for 4.135 gp ea.

    ~Extra note~

    - This will work also without the Scroll of Cleansing but your profit will be less than when you have it.
    - Also with the scroll you can buy the herbs at higher price than the potions sell because you still have profit of the herbs you save out every bag (!).

    Completing this tomorrow.

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    Re: Blacks Ultimate Way to make money with the GE.

    Post by i had a beer on Tue 20 Sep - 12:52

    nice guide im gona try it!

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